Speed Handle for Mill Vise

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Speed Handle for Mill Vise

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This is a simple speed handle for a mill vise.  Available in a variety of sizes. 
12mm, 13,mm, 14mm, 15mm, 17mm metric & 9/16, 5/8, 3/4 Imperial sizes ready to cut.
If you need another size use the contact form to let me know.  

The handle that came with your mill vise is more than adequate for occassional use or if you are cutting similar size pieces of stock, but sometimes its just to slow and clunky.  On some mills there may not even be room to free spin the handle so you are constantly flipping it back and forth.  It can be very slow.  While maybe not perfect for 100% of all applications a speed handle or speed wrench for your mill vise can often greatly improve your productivity.  

I make these five or ten at a time.  Often I have some in stock, but due to the wide range of sizes I may have to make a batch to fill your order.  Like all items it mightbe a fews weeks before it ships if I have to make some.  I really wasn't going to make and sell these, but a friend of mine who is a manual machinist pressed me into it.  I made one for him as a gift when I made some for myself.  He convinced me that while there is plenty of selection for the most common size, a lot of the  hobby and home shop size vises and import vises don't have as many sources. 

  • The handle is made with a slight clearance cut in the corners of the hex and has adequate clearance and a chamfer cut to easily slide onot your vise. 
  • There is a slight clearance cut in the corners to allow for easy use even on those mill vise screws that have sharp corners. 
  • There is between .008 and .010 clearance to the nominal size to allow easily placing the wrench on your vise. 
  • A chamfer is cut all around the wrench and the hex holes to reduce any sharp edges and to help guide the wrench into place.  
  • The handle on the speed wrench is easy to grip and spins freely to allow for rapid turning. 
  • The center HEX part of the wrench is great for rapidly opening or closing the jaws. 
  • The end hex provides greater leverage for a little more torque when locking down on a piece of stock.  Of course if you need to beat on a vise handle with a mallet to tighten down on a piece of stock for a heavy cut I suggest you use the origianl less convenient but stronger steel handle that came with your vise.  

Certainly if you have a CNC mill you can make your own, and if you know what you are doing you can make one on a manual mill as well.  I just know this will benefit a lot of guys who may not want to spend the time making a speede handle when they could spend their time make what they want to make.  

I have code setup for 12mm, 13mm, 14m, 15mm, 17mm, 9/16in, 5/8in, and 3/4in.  If you have a mill vise with a different size just let me know and I'll send you an invoice for it and add that size to my list whenever you pay it.

PLEASE:  If you can't wait for me to make some if I don't have one on the wall do not order.  There is very little profit in this for me and everytime I have to answer multiple emails or take time to measure how to best respond to somebody who seems to me to be a little pushy it makes it less worth my while to make these. An email asking if I have one ready to ship will always be answered with "I do not know."  I know some will be ofennded by this, but I just have to accept that I can not please every single person and still make enough to pay my bills, keep my home, and feed my family.  I always make these in batches so I MAY have some hanging on the wall, and I may not.     


Product Code SPEOR5FH70
Manufacturer CNC Molds N Stuff
Condition New
Weight 1.000lb

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These work awesome the best part is the spinning handle that swivels in your hand a great little detail that seems to be missing from most handles I've looked at great lil handle (31 Aug 2021, 13:54)

Vise speed handle

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It turned out to be a little better then the picture I couldn’t make it for this price, I’m glad I got it it works flawless. (15 Jul 2021, 23:36)
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