Terms and Conditions

CONTACT INFO:  I don't plan to indiscriminately SPAM or tele-market you.  If you sign up for the **newsletter you may get SPAM, but not if you don't.  Your contact information will be used for the normal business that you started with us.  
LEAD TIMES:  It takes as long as I told you and sometimes it takes longer.  I am a one man shop and things don't always go the way they are supposed to.  I don't cancel just because you got tired of waiting.  
REFUNDS:  Generally I do not offer refunds.  If I truly screwed up a product and can't figure out how to fix it I might, but most times I'll just figure out how to fix it.  

** Newsletter, for now I don't use the newsletter, because every time I do I get blacklist by half the email providers in the country.  If I ever figure out how to deal with that problem I may send out new product information and company news in the form of an email newsletter.  


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