New Web Store Testing

Testing on the new webstore continues to go well.

Inventory management is working.

Payment gateway has been setup and tested.

We are working on the shipping segment, and we still need to make some decisions about how we will manage shipping.

International shipping will not be processed by the webstore. We will ship internationally, but all international orders will be processed manually.

We may tentatively introduce the new webstore to the public in a few weeks, but until the new machines arrive and are setup and running we will not be adding many off the shelf products.

Our hope and long term goal is to be able to offer some packaged started kits to customers. Everything you need to make your own soft plastic bait except the heat source. Plastic, color, mylar flake, stirrer, cups, etc.

24.01.2016. 21:09

New Lathe - Making Injecters

We have a couple baby lathes that we can do most of our turning projects on, and our bigger mill does a fair job of thread milling, but its hard to beat a heavy weight lathe if you are going to do a lot of turning.

We just made a deposit on a new lathe for the shop today.

PM 1440E-LB Lathe

No, that isn't it. Its going to take about two months before they have any more in. What is it with new machinery and "two months."Anyway, we will most likely be making our own line of small hand injectors some time after "two months."

22.01.2016. 23:12

Custom CNC Cut Aluminum Molds

Our focus since day one has been on original custom molds. We primarily make soft plastic injection and open pour molds, and molds for lead casting. We've made a variety of molds for a wide range of customers all over the world. Our customers range from garage hobby bait makers who are willing to pay for what they want to commercial bait makers looking to produce their own unique signature designs.

We have produced molds now for people all over the world. From Australia to Europe, and from North America to South America.

Contact us to see if we can bring your vision to life.

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