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Can You Make an Exact Copy?
Will You do a Knock Off for Us?
How Much Does a Custom Mold Cost?
Can You Provide A Ballpark Price?
How Long Will it Take To Make Me A Custom Mold?
Can You Guarantee a Time Frame?
Can You Guarantee Nobody Else Will Make a Bait Like Mine?
Will You Sell My Design to Other People?
Can You Make Production Molds?
Do You Have a Webstore?
Can You Make Other Types of Molds?
How About Other Parts?

Can You Make an Exact Copy ...

  • ...of our unique and original bait?  It is highly likely that we can come very close.  If you are willing to pay the associated costs we can probably come so close that you can't tell the difference, although often we make suggestions based on our experience that we feel will make the mold faster and less expensive to cut, better able to produce quality baits, and more likely to work properly.  If necessary we can send parts out to be laser scanned (expensive), touch probe hard parts, or sometimes just measure and do the CAD, but it takes time and money.  
  • ... of a bait made by some other bait company?  As close as we could to your own designs, but we won't.  We will not knowingly knockoff somebody else's current production bait.  Some baits like basic swimbaits are pretty generic, but if you ask us if we will copy a specific unique design in current production we will politely tell you to go pound sand.  
  • ... of a bait made by some other bait company if we tweak some tiny little thing to try and slide by?  See the answer above.  If I hold them side by side and can't instantly see they are different then they aren't different.  

Will You Do a Blatant Copy of Somebody Else's Current Production Bait.?  
  • No.  We do not do knockoffs.  
  • What's the minimum you have to change?  It doesn't matter.  If you are not doing a product improvement change or a new design then all you are doing is lookng for a loop hole.  We do not do knockoffs.  
  • Are we jerks for telling you what you can or can't have?  No.  We are not telling you what you can or can not have at all.  We are simpley telling you of one kind of work that we will not do.  We are not telling you in anyway what you can or can not do. 
  • Do we think there are any exceptions?  Yes.  One.  If you are the owner and producer of the bait in question.  

How Much Does a Custom Mold Cost?  

Price depends on size, detail, bait type, feature size, and number of cavities.  Typically a custom mold will cost 6-8 times what a similar mass produced mold will cost.  However, often people want a custom mold due to features that are difficult to cut or require fine detail work not found on a mass produced bait mold.  These things add on to that cost.  Typically when I am doing rough estimating I am usually thinking of one cavity depending on the difficulty of the mold.  There are several things required to produce a quality bait mold.  
  • CAD work.  No matter how mind numbingly simple a mold might be some time is required to create the basic CAD drawings from which the work is done.  A complex or very detail specific design will often take more time.  
  • CAM work.  This is the process of using quality CAD files to generate machine code.  The machine code is what the machine reads to drive the cutters to create your mold.  
  • Machine Time.  A mold milling machine is a real expense.  That cost has to be be paid for by the resale price of the part that it produces.  A good machine may last many years, but it also costs a lot of money.  The parts that come off the machine also ultimately have to pay the hourly wage for the person who did the CAD design work, CAM code generation, and machine operation.  
  • Materials.  While in the grand scheme of things materials are often not the biggest part of the cost of a custom mold they aren't free.  Base mold material, clamping screws, alignment pins, etc all add up,  
  • Incidentals.  Cutting coolant, machine lubricant, cutters, shop aprons, shop air systems, computers, electricity, Internet, phone, and lots of other things all have to be paid for with the parts that come off the machines.  

Can You Provide A Ballpark Price?

Yes.  I can if you provide some good information about what you want.  If you decide the ballpark is to much for you then its probably best to just let me know you aren't interested or can't afford it right now.  Asking me to do more work to give you a firm price is not likely to get you a lower price.  

How Long Will It Take To Make Me A Custom Mold?

Unfortunately the answer is, "as long as it takes."  I hate that answer, and sure would not want to hear it myself if I was having somebody make a custom mold for me, but that is the best answer.  I can tell you how much work I think I have lined up ahead of yours, but there always seems to be something that delays it.  A machine problem.  Something that didn't cut the way it should.  A design issue.  It just seems like no matter how simple a design is there is some little thing that needs to be tweaked or adjusted.  If there is a problem the one thing that hold true is the first molds paid are the first molds cut.  Begging, pleading, or threatening won't help.  In fact for the most part anything other than a status request is just upsetting and slows down the process.  I'll gladly give you an answer to a staus request on your project, but please don't hound us with them.  

Can You Guarantee A Time Frame?

ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Unfortunately there are always circumstances that are not totally within my control.  Machine issues, design issues, supply issues, and even just a thunderstorm in the area.  (I unplug my machines from the wall when there is a thunderstorm anywhere in the area.)  All I can tell you is approximately how much work is lined up ahead of you, but if there is any delay for any reason the work that was ahead of you is still ahead of you.  Our policy is first paid first cut, and we don't make any exceptions.  Then when we get to your project there always seems to be some little thing that needs to be tweaked to get it right for you.  If you would like an occassional status report feel free to drop us an email, but please don't hound or threaten if I am not producing fast enough for you.  I am working on or thinking about your project, and I will get it done.  

Can You Guarantee Nobody Else Will Make a Bait Like Mine?

The short answer?  No we can't.  Neither can anybody else.  There is absolutely nothing to stop somebody with the resources from looking at your design and copying it.  If you spend the time and money to get a patent on your designs you may have some recourse against somebody who copies your design, but it usually boils down to he who has the deepest pockets wins.  All we can tell you is we will not take the design work you paid us to do and make an exact duplicate of your design for somebody else.  This does not mean we won't do anything similar to your design.  If somebody has a bait design of their own that is distinctly different from yours which may have a similar overall function or similar details we aren't going to refuse to design and cut it for them just because you once had us do something similar.  If you ask us to do a supplemental change to one of our own designs, like add a different tail, or create a tail mold for it you do not own the sole right to that.  Its just a part of one of our designs that we chose to do some more work on at your request.  Our design doesn't become your design.  

Will You Sell My Design to Other People?

That is a pretty broad reaching question.  In general no, but often people ask if we can make a mold of some type, but are unwilling to pay the cost of development or even give any good direction as to what they want.  Sometimes we will chose to add a mold of that type to our inventory, at our own expense.  In those cases that is our design.  Not yours.  If you provide us with good descriptions of a bait, sketches, or drawings, or samples, and pay the full cost of development including CAD, CAM, Setup, etc then that is your design.  Often its looks like it might be a grey area, but its not.  We know.  Also, there are many baits out there that are similar, but have their own unique properties.  We won't refuse to do a similar but unqiue mold for somebody else, but we would not sell them your design.  

Can You Make Production Molds

We currently have one machine that can do molds up 24 inches long and 13 inches wide.  We have done experiments with water jacket cooling and have some familiarity with the basic principals.  However, at this time we have not made any molds for any of the high end production machines.  If you can provide the specs and layout for a mold to fit your machine we will be glad to make a mold to go with it.  As of now all of our molds in service are being hand injected (plastics) or open poured (plastic and lead).  Some of our hand injection molds are pretty big though.  Its pretty common to make a basic generally straight bait mold in 20 or 30 cavities.  It doesn't have the same consistent cycle rate as a water cooled production mold in a semi automated machine, but it will still produce a lot of baits for your time.  

Do You Have a Webstore?

No.  Not at this time.  Right now I am focusing on custom molds.  My machine time is limited, and I only occassionally crank out a few of my own designs for resale on Ebay when a machine is idle and I am not working on another project.  My Ebay Listings.  As things progress I hope to add a couple more machines to my arsenal so that I can produce more mass produced stock designs, but I don't want to lose sight of the service I provide to my custom mold customers.  I have been told many custom mold makers take months (or in some cases years) to get custom work done for people.  My goal is to keep custom work going out within a few weeks with only the most demanding designs taking a little longer.  I know how frustrating it can be to come up with a new idea and have to wait for ages to get it completed.  Its part of why I learned how to cut my own.  I do plan to setup a webstore in the future, but its not part of the short term plan.  I have setup and run web based shopping cart systems in the past so its not one of those things I am just thinking about.  I already know how to do it when I am ready.  

Can You Make Other Types of Molds

We can certainly try.  If you can provide the critical specifications we will be glad to give it our best shot.  We can mill graphite and steel (along with a host of other materials) but most of our experience is with aluminum for hand injection molds or open pour molds.  

How About Other Parts

Like what?  You can certainly ask.  We make a lot of our own parts for our machines.  We often will make a part just so we can be up and running without having to run to the store or wait for an ordered part to get shipped in.  We have done bearing carriers for lead screws, a variety of spindle mounts, and even a bracket used on medical equipment to join the equipment and the consumables dispensor together on the same mount.  We have done engraved brass plates for awards plaques, and we have done cut designs on wood plaques.  When we neeed a stencil for something like garbage cans or a mail box we just throw a sheet of plastic on the little CNC router and cut our own.  If you are willing to work with us we will try to help you with  whatever we can.  

~ If you have other questions feel free to ask.