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I also show a few off the shelf products here on my website.  If you want to know when we have time to add a new design to the stock inventory here the easiest way to do that is follow CNC Molds N Stuff on FaceBook.  I may also offer a few designs on EBAY from time to time.  Mostly those are the same products I offer on my website, I sometimes we will offer rejects, misc test molds, or clearance items on EBAY that are not listed on the website. 
News and New Designs on FACEBOOK


*** Orders over $500 of stock design molds (from the website only) are free shipping in the domestic USA.  Does not apply to custom work.  Does not apply to new designs not listed on the website.  Does not apply to International shipping.

*** Many molds also have a discount if ordering 5 or more identical molds at the same time.
Jigs, Flutter Jigs, & Lead Spoons

Off the Website -  Ready To Cut Parts
Normal ship times for items ordered directly off the website is 2-3 weeks.  No lead time is guaranteed, but rest assured I am working towards getting your items shipped to you.  All parts are made to order. 

Creature Baits

Custom, Semi Custom, & New Stock Molds
We can bring your ideas to life.  Yes it costs a lot more than a ready to cut design (5 to 10 times as much), but it can be worth it.  We have made custom molds for individuals and businesses all over the world.  Normal START (not ship) times for custom, semi-custom, or new stock parts can be several months. 

Please read the:
CNC Molds FAQ for a little more about what we will and won't do.  
Then use our 
Contact Us form to begin your custom mold quote process.

Swimbaits, Jerkbaits, & Twitchbaits
International Shipping

We are located in the USA.  Shipping for the most part will be automatically calculated for US shipping addresses.  If your shipping address is outside the USA the shopping cart will not be able to manage your purchase.  We will still sell to you.  Just use the 
contact form to send us a list of the products you want, and your complete international shipping address.  We will manually generate a PayPal invoice and send it to the email address you provide as long as regulations and restrictions allow us to complete the sale.  
Why You Should Register and Login

Sales tax calculations and shipping options will be more accurate if you are logged in with valid information.  We understand that sometimes you would prefer to browse anonymously, but please understand that the shopping cart can't display accurate information without knowing where you will have products shipped.  If you are concerned please read our 
privacy policy first.  
Is it IN STOCK? The vast majority of our molds are made to order.  While from time to time we may have a mold on the shelf, most of the time when you place an order the mold is qued up to be machined.  Wait times may be from days to weeks, but don't be afraid of the longer wait times often mentioned for custom work.  Stock designs are already worked up, and they are cut on standard sizes stock pieces.  The can be worked into the machiing schedule much sooner than a custom job.  

Images and text on this site are the sole property of CNC molds N Stuff and may not be reproduced or reused without express permission.  

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Images and text on this site are the sole property of CNC molds N Stuff and may not be reproduced or reused without express permission.  

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